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Recruitment: Regional Sales Manager
Number of recruits: Several; working life: 1-2 years; receiving fresh students; academic requirements: junior college.
Working area: according to the assigned area (headquarters Changsha); update time: today; turn to pay: 3000-5000 yuan + commission;
Position highlights: five risks + commercial risk;
Post duties:
1, have a certain understanding of the sales of laboratory products or engaged in sales of such products. In the jurisdiction of the company's product promotion and sales, complete the sales task;
2, according to the need to visit customers to promote products, and continuously improve the market share of products;
3, develop potential channel customers and maintain existing customers.
4, fully understand the market situation, timely reflect the situation and market dynamics to rival executives, and put forward rationalization proposals.
5, formulate and implement the sales promotion plan in the area and organize various promotional activities;
6, establish a good image of the company and keep confidential the company's business secrets. Qualification:
1. College degree or above, major in medicine or marketing.
2. More than 2 years sales experience, sales experience is preferred.
3. Strong independent working ability and social skills, good communication skills, coordination ability and teamwork ability.
4. Good health and ability to analyze and solve problems independently.

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