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Rapid Moisture Analyzer, Moisture analyzer RH2010SF-1

  • Product name:Rapid Moisture Analyzer, Moisture analyzer RH2010SF-1
    Product model:RH2010SF-1
    Maximum speed:/
    Maximum capacity:/
    Product number:
    Product brand:Herexi/ODM
    Product weight:20kg
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RH2010SF-1 Rapid Moisture Meter

Product Name:Moisture Analyzer

Product unit:set


After many years of research and development by Hunan Herexi Instrument & Equipment company,we’re finally Research and develop new moisture analyzer.Mainly used in food safety,chemical production,fast water and on-line moisture determination.

Product Details

Moisture Analyzer


Fast and intelligent method for determining the moisture content of the samples. It takes only 2-3 seconds to digitize the specific substance content.

The instrument uses different molecules of water in the specific substance to measure the different reactions of microwaves at different temperatures, and uses a computer to perform quick correction calculations to obtain correct measurement results.

With an automatic feeder assembled with meter.

The automatic feeder can put the tested material into measurement tube equally. It can reduce the indeterminacy error by manual operation.

The figure can be display directly with advanced software digital technique .

After finishing test, it can recycle the material automatically, and avoid the wasteage maximumly

Rapid Moisture Analyzer


A. Measure range:0-60%

B. Effective measure content:0-60%

C. Display resolution:0.01%

D. Measure precision:+- 1%

E. Display:TFT-LCD

F. Specific substance is differnet from the specific parameters

G. According to the requirements of the user to test substance,the preparation of special software to achieve rapid,accurate and reliable measurement results.

Different forms of substances, with different schemes of moisture analyzer

Moisture Analyser for solid subject

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