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PF Soil Centrifuge

  • Product name:PF Soil Centrifuge
    Product model:HR21M
    Maximum speed:10000r/min
    Maximum capacity:4*100ml
    Product number:
    Product brand:Herexi/ODM
    Product weight:240Kg
  • product details

It is widely used in the fields of soil moisture dynamic simulation, meteorology, climatology, soil geography, hydrology, agricultural science and technology. The detection of soil pF curve is determined by the relationship among soil suction, bulk density and water content, thus obtaining high precision soil moisture characteristic curve pF, Soil water characteristic curve is usually measured by pressure membrane and centrifuge. Compared with other methods, the centrifuge method is more simple and faster than the other methods, and can measure a wide range of suction.

PF soil centrifuge

PF rotor

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