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Blood Collection Car Refrigerating Centrifuge

  • Product name:Blood Collection Car Refrigerating Centrifuge
    Product model:LR5M
    Maximum speed:5000r/min
    Maximum capacity:4514xg
    Product number:
    Product brand:Herexi/ODM
    Product weight:270kg
  • product details

It is applied to all kinds of blood collection vehicles, with 12×15 10mL, 24×15 /10mL special rotor (suitable for vacuum blood
collection tube and nucleic acid centrifuge tube, etc.). Robust suction cup The foot design eliminates the hidden danger of the

machine movement caused by the driving process.

blood collection car refrigerated centrifuge

12*15ml angle rotor24*15ml swing rotor

Style LR5M Blood Collection Car Refrigerating Centrifuge
Max RCF 4514xg
Max speed 5000r/min
Max Capacity 24*15ml
Timer Range
1min-99h59min, with continuous run function
Temp control range
-20℃ ~+ 40℃
Temp control range
Control and drive system
Large torque AC variable frequency motor, microcomputer control

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