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African Swine fever centrifuge from Herexi

  • Product name:African Swine fever centrifuge from Herexi
    Product model:3H16RI
    Maximum speed:16800r/min
    Maximum capacity:12×10ml
    Product number:
    Product brand:Herexi
    Product weight:75kg
  • product details

African Swine fever centrifuge from Herexi

The centrifuge which can test the African Swine fever

african swine fever centrifuge

Main Features

Micro-controller and high-torque brushless motor provide stable operation and low noise
Wide temperature control range: -20 ° C +40°C, can be set during the operation of the centrifuge; with pre-cooling
function, it can quickly cool down to the set temperature degree; with standby cooling function, .
It has various early warning functions such as over-speed, over temperature, unbalance, under pressure and overpressure,
three-stage damping and shock absorption, which makes the motor run safely and reliably, and achieve excellent centrifugal
TFT-LCD true color touch screen and physical button dual operation mode, can change parameters at any time during
operation, the operation menu is available in multiple languages(Chinese, English, Russian, Portuguese).
The bio-safety airtight angle rotor uses a silicone rubber integral seal (EU RoHS 2015/863) to avoid fully guarantee for the
safety of the staff and laboratory environment.
304 stainless steel centrifugal chamber and whole-steel casing, one-piece stamped steel front face and three-layer steel
protective cover to ensure the safety of workers and laboratories.
Can store 100 sets of user-defined programs, can display the speed rise curve, centrifugal integral curve, temperature curve.
Aviation forged aluminum rotor (angle rotor only) and a variety of adapters are available, suitable for 0.2mL to 100mL
centrifuge tubes or reagent bottles; can centrifuge various MTP micro-plates, PCR plates, cell plates
The diamond shape is beautiful, and more suitable for corner placement, saving lab limited bench space.
With CFDA & CFDA production qualification, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE certification.


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