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Low temperature cold trap CT-40

  • Product name:Low temperature cold trap CT-40
    Product model:CT-40
    Maximum speed:/
    Maximum capacity:/
    Product number:
    Product brand:HEREXI
    Product weight:53kg
  • product details

Low temperature cold trap CT-40
Product Name: low temperature cold trap
Product unit: Set
Refrigeration mode: compressor refrigeration, environmental protection refrigerant
Circulation mode: closed circulation
Pagoda interface: φ 12mm
Weight: 53kg

The evaporation rate is affected by the absorbed energy and the speed of vacuum pump. The evaporation surface area of a sample is relatively large, rather than the volume and quantity of samples. Therefore, it is better to use a cold trap than to use a larger vacuum pump. On the one hand, the application of cold trap is helpful to condense steam, on the other hand, it can improve the evaporation density of organic solution for better condensation.

Product Details

TFT true color touch screen display temperature
Cold trap
Capacity: optional
Temperature range: normal temperature to - 40 ° C
Limit temperature: - 40 ° C
Maximum capture capacity of concentration condensation: medium: water 260ml / 12h temperature setting - 15 recommended 300ml collection bottle
Medium: ethanol 284ml / 6h, temperature setting - 35 ℃ to - 40 ℃, 600ml collecting bottle is recommended
Condensing area of collecting chamber: 760 cm
Safety function: compressor overload protection, compressor timing protection, high voltage switch protection, temperature self-regulation, defrosting
Compressor coolant: R404A
Temperature regulation: ± 1 ° C

Circulation: closed cycle

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